MINGLE Dual CUP control and collected data.
APC unit has up maximum 24 port for support airborne particle
counter series plus.
Input Power 110-220V
24 VDC 10Amp power in line cable to sensors.
Digital output lines that can switch something on or off (such as a
buzzer or a machine) using a 24V relay 16 status per 1 port.
RS-485 capability through the data port, which allows a daisy chain
Ethernet capability through the data port.
Data Port RJ45 Male to connect data.

Show a diagram of MINGLE interface with Pulse type APC sensor. Collected data
support APC sensor MODEL Metone 6000, METONE4500, ARTI FMPC, Lighthouse 3010 


Easy installations and configuration 

Digital Output Port
To connect a alarm Tower light alarm. Control relay 0-15 include 24VDC for support
PLC machine. decide if you need to use any splitter cable, and make cable(s) from Tower
light or PLC control.

Communicate with TCP/IP convert to RS-485 protocol and which allows a daisy
chain of MINGLE.

Support Soft ware (FMS) MIRAGE

APC Sensor 24 ports
Number of size channel 2 Channel per 1 port
Signal sensor type Pulse
Digital Output 1 Port
Digital signal 0-16 data digital control
Power requirement Switching Power 110-220VAC
Power consumption 24VDC in line cable
Signal output options Serial RS485 with MODBUS RTU communicate protocol
Ethernet with MODBUS TCP protocol
Connection Type RJ-45 module
Operating temp. 10 to 32 C (50 to 90 F)
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimension W x D x H 413mm x 240mm x71mm.

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