The THUNDER alarm management.

 THUNDER use for relay control digital input – output and collective data for monitoring

And control all specification in the room

The THUNDER IRP-AL-05P Alarm Management has three main components
- Digital Output 3 status Red Yellow Green
- Digital control dry contact 1 output
- Digital input control
Data is transferred to the central monitoring, software through the communication
electronics and relevant communication protocols.

- Support Soft ware (FMS) MIRAGE

Digital output port can be control relay dry contact switch. THUNDER alarm

management installations, Relay output control 1 status (On/Off) follow up RJ45pin out

• Length-100 meters maximum single wire length (repeaters can beused to increase the distance)

• Connector type-RJ-45(standard Ethernet wiring convention T-568B)

Each THUNDER alarm management must be configured before operation for
parameters such as sample time and control unit.

Can control 16 status per port

- Support Soft ware (FMS) MIRAGE

Alarm Tower 1 Port x 3 Status, with alarm display, Relay output control
Auto Stop 25 port x 1 Status, with display
Input Voltage 110 - 220VAC
Input Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Leakage Current 1.5mA
Output Voltage 24VDC 4.5A
Operating temperature 10 to 32 °C (50 to 90 °F)
Storage temperature -40 to 70°C(–40 to 158 °F)
Signal Output Option Digital Input
Digital Output
Serial RS485 with RTU communication protocol(no networking)
Ethernet with MODBUS TCP protocol

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Support Soft ware (FMS) MIRAGE.