HIAC MicroCount-05 Liquid / Oil Sensor

The MicroCount-05 is compatible with applications utilizing the HIAC MicroCountTM series sensors. The primary use is for liquid contamination and particle size distribution analysis applications. The MicroCount-05 is supported by any of the currently available HIAC electronic counters which would be required to provide particle count and size data to the user. The MicroCount-05 sensor is designed to provide accurate measurement of particulate contamination in virtually any liquid, except certain solvents and acids. When used with the HIAC Model 3200 Tank Sampler, this sensor can analyze non-viscous, nonvolatile liquids from almost any size container without intermediate sampling. When used with the HIAC Model PCS pressurized chemical sampler, the sensor can conveniently analyze liquids, including viscous and volatile liquids, directly from standard 4 liter reagent bottles (consult the factory for bottle size compatibility). These samplers and the MicroCount-05 sensor, are compatible with almost all liquids. The MicroCount-05 sensor is designed to provide accurate measurement of the particle size distributions that have been dispersed in an appropriate liquid medium, at a flow rate of 60 mL/min, and dynamic sizing range from 0.5 to 350 micrometers. When using the MicroCount-05 with the Model 9064 particle counter and in conjunction with the Hach Ultra Particle Size Distribution Analysis Software (PDAS) plus a suitability configured computer, will allow realization of the full sizing range of the sensor

The HIAC MicroCount family comprises of three submicron liquid particle sensors that measure particles as small as 0.1 micron. Like their counterpart HRLD sensors, the MicroCount sensors have been designed to meet the demands of a variety of applications, including wide dynamic ranges, very high sensitivity, and nearly universal chemical compatibility (including HF).

The overall particle counting system is generally composed of the MicroCount-05 Liquid Sensor, a particle counter (Model 8000A or 9064), and a sampler (Model 3000, 3200, SDS, or ABS-2). Any options or peripherals will be connected to the particle counter or sampler.

Each HIAC sensor is provided with a calibration curve from which the operator may conveniently determine threshold settings for particle sizes of interest. These calibrations are performed in accordance to ASTM Standard F658-87 using an aqueous suspension of monodispersed latex spheres, which are traceable to NIST. The MicroCount-100 models have particle size sensitivity of 0.1 micron and are approved for use within Division 1, Class 2 environments. The sensors are available with either a quartz or sapphire flow cell, to meet the demands of corrosive environments. The MicroCount-05 sensor has a sensitivity of 0.5 micron and a dynamic range that extends to 350 microns. This large dynamic range makes it an ideal sensor for applications such as precision cleaning and polishing. The MicroCount-05 is especially versatile in accommodating industry standards as they transition to more sensitive geometry (e.g., from 1.0 to 0.5 micron requirements). The MicroCount sensors are truly a versatile and are sure to satisfy your submicron particle counting needs.

Performance characteristics

Collection optics:        Forward Light Scattering Light-Obscuration

Light source:               50 mw laser diode (nominally 40 mw)

Flow rate:                    60 mL/min. Concentration

Concentration limit  (10% optical coincidence):  0.5 - 350 µm

Repeatability:               Approximately 7500 particles/mL

Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi (1034 kPa)

Seals:                           Kal-RezTM 

Physical characteristics

Dimensions: 9.75" L x 2.5" H x 2.25" W (24.77 cm L x 6.35 cm H x 5.72 cm W)

Weight: 2.0 lbs (0.9 Kg)

Power requirements

Furnished from the counter ± 15 VDC



Counter Control and Signals: 14-pin circular (male)

• Precision Cleaning Bath Monitoring and Sampling

• Filter Testing

• Online Process Monitoring

• Liquid In Situ Process Monitoring

• Chemical Distribution Monitoring

• DI Water Monitoring

• Features and Benefits

• Long life laser diode light source

• Small, lightweight design

• High flow rates, up to 100 mL/min

• Fluid temperature up to 45°C

• Size accuracy traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials

• Vibration insensitive • Online and batch operation • Chemically resistant