ANATEL PAT700 Analyzer


The PAT700 TOC analyzer fully complies with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP) requirements. Each sample is fully oxidized guaranteeing the most accurate TOC result that follows EP2.2.44 guidelines. Production uptime is assured with the PAT700 main and standby dual UV lamp design, making it the ideal choice for on-line TOC release. Save time and money - the PAT700 can be installed online and run up to 4 grab samples offline.

Have confidence in the data - assured with UV Detect, excursion alarming, and fully traceable calibration
Implement the FDA PAT initiative for on-line release for TOC and Conductivity eliminating time consuming and costly laboratory analysis.

Reduce the risk of product recall and speed up water loop troublshooting when an excursion alarm occurs
The PAT700 internally captures two samples and then re-analyzes the first sample to validate the excursion alarm and saves the second sample for further root-cause analysis.

Confirm production vessels are clean and ready to go on-line faster with Clean-in-Place (CIP) analysis
The PAT700 clean-in-place analysis maximizes production up-time by providing immediate on-line results for both TOC and conductivity. Providing instant on-line verification that your production vessel is ready for production changeover.

Save hours and expand laboratory throughput with the PAT700 36 bottle auto-sampler
Using the ASX-7200 auto-sampler allows laboratory users to set up 36 bottles for TOC analysis and walk away. Using the PAT700 there is no requirement for costly reagents or carrier gases.

PAT700 TOC Analyzer

  Spec Value
TOC Operating Range 0.5 to 2,000 ppb as Carbon
  Display Resolution 0.1 ppd
  Accuracy +/-1 ppd or +/-5% whichever is greater
  Repeatability +/-0.3 ppd or +/-1% whichever is greater
  Limit of Detection 0.5 ppb
  Maximum Input Conductivity 0.2 uS/cm for all waters, 1.0 uS/cm for all neutral waters, 5.0 uS/cm for water with CO2 as the sole conductive species
Conductivity Conductivity Range 0.05 to 150 uS/cm (@25* C)
  Display Resolution 0.01 uS/cm
  Conductivity Accuracy +/-2% over full range (uncompensated)
  Resistivity Resistivity Range 0.2 to 18 MQ-cm (@25*C)
  Display Resolution 0.01 over full range
  Available Modes Temperature compensated to 25*C, or uncompensated
Temperature Ambient Operating Range  10 to 40*C (50 to 104*F)
  Measurement Accuracy +/-0.4*C
  Sample Water Range 5 to 95*C (41 to 203*F)
  Display Resolution 0.1 over full range
Physical Specs UV Lamps 2, with UV Detect technology
  Interface/Display Color with touch screen
  Maximum Altitude 4,000 m (13,125)
  User I/O Wiring Three, 3/4-inch conduit openings or quick disconnect fittings
  Standards System Onboard, Automated Standards Introduction System (OASIS)
  Dimensions 59.7 w X 22.9 d X 25.4 h (23.5 X 9 X 10 inches)
  Weight 13.6 kg (30 lbs)
  Sample Inlet Flow Rate Range 60 mL/min to 300 mL/min
  Sample Inlet Pressure Range 10 to 100 psi (69 to 690 kPa)
Compliance Installation Category II
  Pollution Degree 2, IEC 61010-1
  CE Compliance EN 61010-1 and EN 61326
  Safety Rating ETL, conforming to UL 61010-1 and CSA 22.2 No. 61010-1
  Enclosure Rating Conduit version: IP56 Quick connect version: IP46
  Release Tests USP <643>, USP <645>, JP 16, EP 2.2.44
New Features CIP Selectable mode for Clean-In-Place analysis
  Dual Stream option Toggle or programmable stream switching
  Excursion sampling Minimum flow rate to fill excursion bottle = 160 mL/min
  Rouge detection Identifies oxidation cell contamination from roughing